Sunday Table

Sunday Table

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Simple, seasonal, shared.

A chance to relax with friends old and new at the shared table before enjoying a beautiful long lunch, lovingly prepared by Tamsin using only fresh produce, meat, preserves and pickles sourced from the 113 acres around you and including wine from nearby vineyards. You can't get more local and seasonal than that.

If you'd like to explore the garden and farm after lunch we'd be delighted to show you around and if you feel like an afternoon stroll, the fenced farm laneways will lead you to some beautiful views. Just be sure to bring your farm boots!

Dietary requirements: These lovely long table lunches are intimate affairs (you will be dining with just 9 or 10 others) and a real celebration of what is best and most bountiful in the garden on the day. Menus are carefully crafted to reflect this, and all dishes are served on large sharing platters in the centre of the table, so it is extremely difficult for us to accommodate individual dietary needs  Vegetarian guests - there is generally only one meat based dish on the menu, served as part of the main course along with a salad and one other vegetable based dish. Gluten intolerant guests - we will do our best to provide wheat free options where possible however cannot guarantee that every dish will be wheat free. Children - sorry kids, this is one for the grown ups! Suitable for 16 years and over only.